Friday, November 30, 2012

Review: WTF

I have decided to start doing reviews on my blog, as well as recipes, crafts and other random things that I love. My first review is of

On this site, with a link over on the side bar, you complete offers, watch videos and refer friends to get "kitty kibble" that accumulates over time. In the course of 3 days, I had accumulated enough to get a $5 amazon gift code. I love this!

The best way to do this, is to make a new email account just for this. You WILL get some spam with certain offers. Some kibble is credited right away, some credited up to 14 days after.

This is a legit site, and I love it! I will keep using it, and recommending my friends to use you. Oh, and you get 10 % of what your friends make.  BONUS! There are different gift codes all the time, sometimes you even get discounted codes. Example: A $5 gift code to for $2.00. Or you can donate your kibble to the Humane Society. It really is amazing.

Again, this site is legit.

Here are my screen shots of my kibble account.

As you can see, I have made $5 from amazon from this amazing site! I can't wait to get more!

Signing off!
xoxo Aimee!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Today is my birthday. Sigh. I have mixed feelings about birthdays. Well, mixed feelings about my own. For one, I love to party. I love having friends over, with food, laughter and my most favorite thing of all: cake! I love presents, music and just having fun. I love having parties. However, I hate the fact that I am getting older. Yes, 24 is a bit young to be worrying about age, I know. Soon enough, however, I won't be 24 anymore. I'll be 30, 45, 70. It's a scary thing, the unknown.

Sorry, I get a wee bit freaked out about getting old.

Since I am getting old, here are some memories of birthday's past to entertain you. Some of these will remind  help me when I have kids on what to do (and not to do!!) at their birthdays!

My 11th or 12th (can't remember exactly which) was my first party where boys where invited. I was in heaven! Boys, boy at my house! For my birthday! I was so excited! We used to make HUGE family affairs out of birthdays. All the aunts, uncles, cousin, grandparents would come over. We would bake or buy a cake, and have a friend or two. This one was HUGE! I had tons of friends over, lots of presents and the most amazing food. This one stands out, however, because that is the year I developed... and my grandma thought she would be nice as to buy some bras for me. It would have been better if a) I opened them when the boys where NOT around, b) she had not made me try them on over my clothes and c) if my granddaddy wouldn't have called them my "over the shoulder boulder holders!" (That one was too funny, I just wanted to add that little memory). I was mortified to try them on IN front of the boys, my crush included. My oh my.. Never again did I let my grandma come to my birthday parties if boys where present.

Another favorite was when I was in elementary school. I suck at remembering my ages, but I can remember the main events. I was always into sign language. I loved it. That year, I don't remember having a party, or anything else I got. That year my grandmother gave me my present at our family thanksgiving meal. That was the year I got my first sign language book. I loved that book. I read it all the time, and practiced. It was very upsetting when a few months later, someone stole my book from school. I have a new one now, but I still wish I had that first one.

I think the one birthday I was most upset about was my 17th birthday. That year I had just met this super hottie, and was spending most of my time with him. I wasn't sure what my parents had planned for my birthday, and I didn't really care. I had this super hottie, who I am now married too, to occupy my time. Well, the Sunday before my birthday, my mom was dropping me off at church. Then she got all upset. Apparently, she contacted our youth leaders about having a surprise party for me at youth group that night, but mom couldn't afford to get me a cake or the decorations. She didn't want to tell Brad or Bernie, so she had me tell them. I was upset. Not at the fact that we couldn't do it, but at the fact that mom thought I would be so mad that she couldn't. I was actually happy that someone tried to surprise me for my birthday. I just wish they would try again!

I think that's about it for my birthday happies, sads and funnies. If I think of anymore, I will add them.

xoxo Aimee

Kitty Session

I get bored easily when I am home alone, so I did a mini-kitty session with my fur-babies. Chubby is such a little model, and Ninja was entertained at first, but grew grumpy. Silly Ninja.

She was trying to read my kindle. "The City of Bones" by Cassandra Clare really captured her attention!

My little Christmas helper!

She loves laying under the tree!

Ninja got bored, and this is a cool tongue-action shot!

"I am bored, leave me be."

The other ones of Ninja where awkward. Since I am a beginner/hobbyist, it will be okay. I shall learn.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Our Family Photo Session

Yesterday was the big day... and everything that could go wrong did! Firstly, my hubby's winter sweater shrunk, and he was mad. He had to wear his hoodie. Oh well. He didn't look bad. Then, my sister and her boyfriend kept fighting me on poses, and then after just a couple, my battery died! AHHH! Next time, we will be better prepared. Though we did get a couple of good ones.
Top Row: Allen and my husband, Jeremy
Bottom Row, My sister Vanessa and I

I love this filter :D

Sweet Kisses for the hubby!

Again, love this filter.

Love this :D

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Meet Chubby. Oh, and mini pizza cups!

I just realized that I have not introduced my cat, Chubby. Also known as Chubbina. I've had her since she was born, right in this very apartment that I live in now. Her mom was my first cat, but she ran away. Now, I have Chubby. The poor thing was on the bottom of the naming list. We weren't planning on naming any of the kittens, as there were 5. However, most of them were named. 3 boys, 2 girls. 2 of the boys went to the same home, and were renamed Ed and Henry. They now live in a barn, chasing mice. The other boy now resides with my cousin, and is still dubed Zeb, as in Zebra. That's what he looked like when he was  born. They other girl is also living in a barn, chasing mice and being a desk hog. and Lastly, my Chubby.

She was the first kitten to move away from the warmth of the pack to explore. Sweet thing. I thought she was a he, and boy was I wrong. She also was the fattest of them all. It actually started when Jeremy was wanting to play with her, and she was running off. He said "Hey, Chubby, get back here!" and it stuck. I re-named her Chubbina, since she is a girl, but she's still called Chubby or Chubs. And she answers to it!

And now, here's Chubby, being her normal, lazy, chubby self. I sort of bothered her to get this, and she was just acting like "Oh whatever. Hurry up please, it's so hard being lazy all the time." I love her though!

Now, onto the pizza cups with homemade sauce! 

First, the ingredients:

Tomato Sauce (any brand works!) Salt, Basil Leaves, Pepper, Bay Leaves, Oregano and Sugar (not pictured)
This is for a small batch of sauce: 1/2 bay leaf, pinch of pepper and a dash of the rest! You may want to add more of each spice, it's really up to you. Not a lot is required. Then add a very little amount of water, no more than 1/8 a cup for 8 oz of sauce.
Put in a pot and boil, then let simmer while you do the rest.
Doesn't this look amazing! Just remember to not eat the bay leaf! I personally don't eat them, but they make for amazing flavor!
Now, open the biscuits. Each biscuit makes 2 cups, in a MINI cupcake or muffin tin. I put them in half and press them into a sprayed pan. (I use pam or bakers joy!)

That's how it looks. Continue until you have filled the pan or run out of dough.

I ran out of dough first. Ha. It's ok, I just made this for me!

Add a little or a lot of sauce, that is really up to you.

Then add cheese and toppings, if you want any!

Bake at 350 until the cheese melts. I can't give a time frame, because my oven is off temperature, so you just have to keep an eye (and nose! smell helps me a lot!) out for it!

The best part is, this is completely customizable! I haven't done any other mini cups, but in a regular muffin tin, I have done BBQ Cups. Super easy.

Cooked Hamburger meat, mix with enough BBQ sauce to cover. Add onions if you want. Mix in a little cheese (save some to top it with!) Then fill the biscuits with the mix, top with cheese.

You can do any combo with this! Heck, go crazy, add some mac and cheese, mini hotdogs. This is really good for picky eaters. 

Hope you guys enjoy! Let me know if you have tried this, and any variations! I would LOVE to hear your feedback!

XOXO Aimee

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree Part 1: Operation Mom

Today is the day that my mother decided to put up her Christmas tree. My sister actually assembled and decorated it as I supervised and played Photographer. I was busy, researching and such to be bothered, though I did add some hooks to the ornaments. I helped a little.
She did a good job, I think. It's a very pretty tree.
As always, we have a fire going. I do believe we spend more time at our mother's than we do at our own homes. My poor kitty's must miss me.
I honestly am super excited about Monday... I wish it was here already!

Friday, November 23, 2012


I am super excited to announce that my first official amateur photography session will be this week! I haven't had pictures taken with my husband in over a year, something that I think is terrible, for as much as I love photography and photos.

This Monday, my mother, husband, hopefully my sister, and I, along with a dear friend of ours, will be doing a photography session! Just got me a new camera for my birthday, and I have been brushing up my tips and techniques for the upcoming session. I am super excited! I just hope they have the patience to work with me as I pose everyone, find amazing backgrounds and such.

Today, I got my $20 giftcard to Citi Trends that I won on their FB page, and I went shopping! I bought 2 shirts and shrug to wear for this photo shoot! I wanted something new that I didn't have! I am super excited to take them, and upload them soon! :D

More on that later, it's now 1:30 a.m and I need my sleep!

xoxo Aimee

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Meet Kitler

This is Kitler. The sweet kitty was hanging around my mom's house that past week or so. My sister has dubed this sweet girl "Kitler"... yes, like kitty Hitler.


Everyday, I have different ideas of how I want my life to be. I want to be a write, a baker, a photographer. That’s what I want out of life. Maybe I am doomed to be a blogger forever. Maybe not. An office job maybe nice. I just don’t ever want to work somewhere I hate.

Growing up, my mom had a plaque on the wall that said “If you have a job you love, you will never work another day in your life.” Makes perfect sense to me. I love to write, bake and take photos. Maybe I should do that. I would be happy working from home, spending time with my loved ones. Raising kids, if we ever have any.
Now, before you think I am a bad person or whatever, let me explain. I love children more than anything. I want children, Jeremy (my husband) wants children. My mother wants grandchildren. The question is if we are capable of creating crib midgets. I constantly worry about whether I can make them.

Now, enough of my boring/depressing baby talk. Let’s talk about something fab… THANKSGIVING DINNER!!! AHH!!!

It’s one of my most favorite holiday dinners. I get to spend time with my family and eat amazing nom-noms. My favorite items are the baked mac and cheese (a family recipe and OH SO YUMMY!!), Ham rice, Lima beans, pecan pie and sweet potato soufflĂ©! I am not big on meat, but I do cook it. The hubs is a big meat eater!
This year, I handled the ham, ham rice, and lima beans. My mom covered the rest. We are still teaching my sister, she was never really into cooking much that didn’t come in a microwave container! I love her! I have heard her cooking is improving some, since she moved in with her honey man. I am proud of her… maybe one day we can teach her to family recipes. I am trying to learn them all!

So far, I have learned the ham rice secret… not much of a secret, I suppose. I just was so unaware. I love the baked mac and cheese. So different from other recipes I have read. If I were on speaking terms with my grandmother, I would want to learn so much more. We shall see. Christmas will be the final test to see if she will be in my life, or out of it completely. Long story.

Well, it is 2:31 am my time as I am writing this, to be posted later. I will be back on later, with photo updates of my scrumptious foods to tease you with!

Xoxo Aimee

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Hello World. I'm Aimee.

As stated in my mini bio, I am a lover of many creative things. My mind works much differently than others, but to me, that is a great thing.

I am very crafty. I love re-purposing things, giving them new life. I love photography. That, along with baking, has been my passion since I was very little. Maybe I will be a baking photographer :P

Since it's Thanksgiving Eve, I shall post a list of things I am thankful for this year.

First and foremost, my sister.
She may be a pain, but we almost lost her this year due to a horrific car crash. She was walking with her bike across the road, and a guy doing over 70 MPH (in a 40) ran straight into her. She spent 3 nights in ICU, not knowing if she would make it. It's a miracle she did. She is a miracle baby. Well, a miracle adult. I am so happy she's here.

Secondly, my husband, as he's been there for me through thick and thin since we met back in 2005. It's been 7 long, hard years, but he's still here.

And thirdly, all my "fam[ily]". They are the people who choose to be in my life, and are my true family. I love all of them for their advice, for putting up with me, for just being amazing friends!

That's a glimpse into my life. I will be posting lots of random things. Recipes, crafts, mini photo sessions. You name it. Hope you enjoy following me, stalkers! :D

xoxo Aimee