Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Today is my birthday. Sigh. I have mixed feelings about birthdays. Well, mixed feelings about my own. For one, I love to party. I love having friends over, with food, laughter and my most favorite thing of all: cake! I love presents, music and just having fun. I love having parties. However, I hate the fact that I am getting older. Yes, 24 is a bit young to be worrying about age, I know. Soon enough, however, I won't be 24 anymore. I'll be 30, 45, 70. It's a scary thing, the unknown.

Sorry, I get a wee bit freaked out about getting old.

Since I am getting old, here are some memories of birthday's past to entertain you. Some of these will remind  help me when I have kids on what to do (and not to do!!) at their birthdays!

My 11th or 12th (can't remember exactly which) was my first party where boys where invited. I was in heaven! Boys, boy at my house! For my birthday! I was so excited! We used to make HUGE family affairs out of birthdays. All the aunts, uncles, cousin, grandparents would come over. We would bake or buy a cake, and have a friend or two. This one was HUGE! I had tons of friends over, lots of presents and the most amazing food. This one stands out, however, because that is the year I developed... and my grandma thought she would be nice as to buy some bras for me. It would have been better if a) I opened them when the boys where NOT around, b) she had not made me try them on over my clothes and c) if my granddaddy wouldn't have called them my "over the shoulder boulder holders!" (That one was too funny, I just wanted to add that little memory). I was mortified to try them on IN front of the boys, my crush included. My oh my.. Never again did I let my grandma come to my birthday parties if boys where present.

Another favorite was when I was in elementary school. I suck at remembering my ages, but I can remember the main events. I was always into sign language. I loved it. That year, I don't remember having a party, or anything else I got. That year my grandmother gave me my present at our family thanksgiving meal. That was the year I got my first sign language book. I loved that book. I read it all the time, and practiced. It was very upsetting when a few months later, someone stole my book from school. I have a new one now, but I still wish I had that first one.

I think the one birthday I was most upset about was my 17th birthday. That year I had just met this super hottie, and was spending most of my time with him. I wasn't sure what my parents had planned for my birthday, and I didn't really care. I had this super hottie, who I am now married too, to occupy my time. Well, the Sunday before my birthday, my mom was dropping me off at church. Then she got all upset. Apparently, she contacted our youth leaders about having a surprise party for me at youth group that night, but mom couldn't afford to get me a cake or the decorations. She didn't want to tell Brad or Bernie, so she had me tell them. I was upset. Not at the fact that we couldn't do it, but at the fact that mom thought I would be so mad that she couldn't. I was actually happy that someone tried to surprise me for my birthday. I just wish they would try again!

I think that's about it for my birthday happies, sads and funnies. If I think of anymore, I will add them.

xoxo Aimee

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