Sunday, November 25, 2012

Meet Chubby. Oh, and mini pizza cups!

I just realized that I have not introduced my cat, Chubby. Also known as Chubbina. I've had her since she was born, right in this very apartment that I live in now. Her mom was my first cat, but she ran away. Now, I have Chubby. The poor thing was on the bottom of the naming list. We weren't planning on naming any of the kittens, as there were 5. However, most of them were named. 3 boys, 2 girls. 2 of the boys went to the same home, and were renamed Ed and Henry. They now live in a barn, chasing mice. The other boy now resides with my cousin, and is still dubed Zeb, as in Zebra. That's what he looked like when he was  born. They other girl is also living in a barn, chasing mice and being a desk hog. and Lastly, my Chubby.

She was the first kitten to move away from the warmth of the pack to explore. Sweet thing. I thought she was a he, and boy was I wrong. She also was the fattest of them all. It actually started when Jeremy was wanting to play with her, and she was running off. He said "Hey, Chubby, get back here!" and it stuck. I re-named her Chubbina, since she is a girl, but she's still called Chubby or Chubs. And she answers to it!

And now, here's Chubby, being her normal, lazy, chubby self. I sort of bothered her to get this, and she was just acting like "Oh whatever. Hurry up please, it's so hard being lazy all the time." I love her though!

Now, onto the pizza cups with homemade sauce! 

First, the ingredients:

Tomato Sauce (any brand works!) Salt, Basil Leaves, Pepper, Bay Leaves, Oregano and Sugar (not pictured)
This is for a small batch of sauce: 1/2 bay leaf, pinch of pepper and a dash of the rest! You may want to add more of each spice, it's really up to you. Not a lot is required. Then add a very little amount of water, no more than 1/8 a cup for 8 oz of sauce.
Put in a pot and boil, then let simmer while you do the rest.
Doesn't this look amazing! Just remember to not eat the bay leaf! I personally don't eat them, but they make for amazing flavor!
Now, open the biscuits. Each biscuit makes 2 cups, in a MINI cupcake or muffin tin. I put them in half and press them into a sprayed pan. (I use pam or bakers joy!)

That's how it looks. Continue until you have filled the pan or run out of dough.

I ran out of dough first. Ha. It's ok, I just made this for me!

Add a little or a lot of sauce, that is really up to you.

Then add cheese and toppings, if you want any!

Bake at 350 until the cheese melts. I can't give a time frame, because my oven is off temperature, so you just have to keep an eye (and nose! smell helps me a lot!) out for it!

The best part is, this is completely customizable! I haven't done any other mini cups, but in a regular muffin tin, I have done BBQ Cups. Super easy.

Cooked Hamburger meat, mix with enough BBQ sauce to cover. Add onions if you want. Mix in a little cheese (save some to top it with!) Then fill the biscuits with the mix, top with cheese.

You can do any combo with this! Heck, go crazy, add some mac and cheese, mini hotdogs. This is really good for picky eaters. 

Hope you guys enjoy! Let me know if you have tried this, and any variations! I would LOVE to hear your feedback!

XOXO Aimee

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