Monday, December 10, 2012

Day 1 of Dollar Tree Shopping: Analyzing

Today I finally was able to go to the Dollar Tree to mostly analyze. I wanted to get a full feel of the stores food section. I took my list of baking essentials with me, and got almost everything for $1 each. I was impressed. All I need is the heavy whipping cream (which I think the D.T. was out of, almost all the dairy was empty), chocolate chips and eggs. Then I will have everything food wise for my baking.

I have decided to try these pretzel things. They are pretzels, slightly baked again with a hersheys kiss on top, for like 5 minutes in 200 degree stove. Take them out, put an M&M on top, and press down to make almost a chocolate covered pretzel. Tomorrow, I will try those out, and post the photos. :)

I think all in all, day 1 went very well. They didn't have the mini-loaf pans I needed, but that's okay. I found them at Food Lion, the local grocery store. 4 for $1.49. It's not too bad.

xoxo Aimee

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