Friday, December 14, 2012

Excellent day.

Today is the day. I am now writing my blogs from my NEW DESK! Well, new to me. No more writing in bed. That was just a little painful. My mattress is a hot mess, but that is a story for another day.

Today, well, technically yesterday, I got my new-to-me desk. I will post pictures soon. I am still working out all the kinks in the set up. I am super excited to finally have a desk. I have been working from home doing the WTFcat surveys, and doing some other random online work.

I have also been on the computer a lot doing things for Christmas gifts. I won't post much more, as I don't know if the persons involved in this read my blog. I just have been SUPER busy on the computer, and it's very handy to have the computer, printer and all the chords in ONE spot, so I can work on said gifts, print up things needed, then go right back to what I need next.

I have all my gag gifts set up, and ready to give. I still have a bit more baking to do, but other than that, my Christmas is pretty much finished. I got my Christmas cards made today, and I am going to mail them tomorrow.

I also went to see my grandmother today. The first time in 2  years. Oh yea. I must say though, it wasn't nearly as awful as I thought it would be. My sister joined me, along with our cousin Brandi and her two kids. My aunt was there as well, with Brandi's little sister. It was a full house. We did some Christmas planning. Thanks to my mother, the "Surprise" Christmas was ruined. Though the family thinks it was better to tell Grandma a head of time, instead of trying to sneak attack her. I dunno. At least the initial visit is now over and done with, and I know the plans for the Eve of Christmas. Food, Fireworks, Presents, YAY!

I myself am taking my amazing banana breads, cookies, and homemade truffles. I have yet to mention to the hubs that we will need some fireworks. Not a lot, just some. We need to pitch in. The family also waited until today to tell me that we are doing chinese Christmas... after I had everyone's gifts planned out. Oh well, saves me some money. I was just baking for everyone anyways. The kids will all get a little something from all the adults, as they are still too young to understand that we are all broke. Thankfully, I covered all the kids for less than $5. Ha. They all are getting 1 toy each and cookies.

My sister is the only person other than the children to get an actual gift that is not food. Though I didn't have to pay for her gift. I won it. She calls me the queen of free. I also won my nieces gift. And I know she will love it.

Well, I am off to finish up some things before I go see my mom for breakfast. Have a good day!

xoxo Aimee

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