Thursday, December 27, 2012

Giveaway... or not to giveaway!

These days I have been feeling so grateful for my family and friends. I have a home (though it may not be as big, or fancy or clean as I want) but it's dry and warm and gives up protection. I have transportation, (though its not as warm, or clean or fancy as I might want it.) I have family who love me (though we are dysfunctional!) I am blessed way more than others.

Therefore, I think I will do a mini giveaway. I want my blog to be very interactive. We will start with something simple. I want you guys to share my blog, and comment on this post, or any post, about what you are thankful for, or how you are blessed. Everyone who does this will be entered to win a $5 giftcode (very instant) to

Overstock is where my husband (then boyfriend) bought my first piece of jewlery, a sterling silver claddagh ring. I am part Irish, so the claddagh ring means a lot to me, though it caused some trouble at my first job... ;)

Just a boss on a power trip, claiming all engagement rings (The Claddagh is a promise ring, engagement ring and wedding band all in one!) need diamonds! Long story, but I won in the end!

Anyways, so share, share, share!! Post comments! The more you post, the more you will be entered to win! Good luck to everyone, and thanks for reading!

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