Monday, December 10, 2012

Having a Very Frugal Christmas.

This year, as well as the past couple of years, we are having a very frugal Christmas. The year we were married, we spent all our money on the wedding. Last year, I don't remember if we bought anyone a thing. This year, however, I am doing something for everyone. I am baking.

While searching the internet, I found a few sites that do low ingredient cookies. I thought this would be well to add to my holiday baking list. Thus far, I am making banana bread (some with nuts, some without) for everyone. I thought the children would enjoy the cookies better, so I looked up cookie recipes. After doing the math of how much I would need, I was in shock! 16 dozen cookies, as well as 30 mini loaves of bread. Not too bad when you think of how many people we are providing for. Then I have some little gag gifts to throw in.

The next few posts will be about my recipes I have found, and how well, if at all, they work for me. Wish me luck that they work, or else I will be short on ingredients, and very short on the husband's patience.

xoxo Aimee

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