Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Holy Ganache! Part 1 of 2

I am highly addicted to Pinterest. I am. There, I said it. I will probably say it a million more times. I love that site! It has so many recipes and crafts I love. While playing around one day, I found this pin for a homemade truffle. I am intrigued. I think it will cost a small fortune, with ingredients I will have to get from a specialty store. Alas! I am wrong! I found one VERY simple and very affordable. For one batch, it has cost me $2.99. Seriously.

Your ingredients are 2 cups (about 1 regular sized bag) of semi chocolate chips, and 1 cup (a pint) of heavy whipping cream. That's it. This weekend, my local Dollar General had the choco chips on sale for $2.00 a bag, and my local grocery store had the whipping cream on sale $0.99.

It takes 2 days to make this, as you have to let the ganache sit overnight. I found it very simple, and it worked for me.

First, bring your heavy cream to *just* a boil. Have your chips sitting in a heat resistant bowl. Pour the cream over the chips and let them sit for a few minutes, then whisk them together. It should be kind of thick but smooth. Then cover and set in fridge over night.

Tomorrow, I will post the rest of the recipe, as well as my results. So far, they looked yummy!

I have also started my gift baking. My mom helped me get the mini loaf tins I needed to make the banana bread for everyone. I did 3 batches today so far. Once I pick the hubs up from friend-sitting (his friend was injured the other day while working, so his wife doesn't want him alone for a bit.) I will probably make more. I got bananas on sale today. I hit some good deals, I tell you what.

I also got my nieces and nephew a little something extra to go with what I plan on baking them. It's not much, but I hope they like it!

xoxox Aimee

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