Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas from the whole Famn Damily.

Christmas time this year had me worried. First off, I was worried about going to my grandma's house for the first time in over 2 years. Then, I was worried about presents. We are on a very strict budget, and I know the kids wouldn't understand that. Then I was worried about drama. Ah. My worries were not needed. This has been the best Christmas I have had since before we were married.

The kids opening the gifts my momma "Aunt B" brought them.

Laiden had a blast with his toy from Aunt B. It was a plastic baseball set. Grandma (also pictured) was showing him how to use the bat, and hit his momma in the mouth with the ball! That was the only drama we had. 

KyLeigh Shea showing me her pretty dress.

We are such photogs. I love my niece, and she loves her Mimi.

Bubba and sissy playing together, with puppy Wyatt in the background.

Laiden was sitting safely with Mimi when sissy was hitting the ball. Years ago, my brother was playing baseball in the very yard and I snuck up behind him, and he hit me square in the mouth with an aluminum baseball bat. We didn't want a repeat.

Family Photo time. The Girls. (The originals. Brandi, with the brown shirt, has a 5 year old sister, same age as her daughter.)

The whole original kids crew. My Brother, Chris aka Bubba, in the back, Me and My sister, Vanessa aka Ham, in the middle, my cousin Brandi in the front.

Ham, Momma, Me

Even though they are divorced, this is our family. Momma, Ham, Me, Bubba, Daddy

Brandi and her boyfriend Chris.

Ham and I.

Me and my brother, peeking in the fridge. Took a moment to take a photo! We are the fat kids.

We had a few hour break between family visits, so Jalyn, Aunt Cheryl and I made this. When people were coming back, they kept wanting to eat it and Jalyn, who is 5, was telling them it was poisoned. Haha. She didn't want to share with anyone!

Me, Momma and Ham.

Daddy and his kids. Bubba has a different mom.

Jay and her gingerbread house... with her momma giving her bunny ears!

Ky and I being super silly!

Momma and Ham

Laiden's little Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

No idea what possessed Ky to do this... She just randomly crawled on top of Jay and just sat there.

I love the look on her face.

Ky and Bubba. They were fussing about her being bad, and Bubba told her he would eat her soul. She looked him right in the eye and said "You don't have a soul." I bout peed myself laughing. This child is hilarious.

They were trying to get Bubba to play pony. They begged him so much, since I stopped. This little terror wouldn't stop jumping on me, so I quit. She is very heavy for how tiny she is! Always has been.

The doll that I won from Yarns in the Attic. You can't see from this angle, but the doll has blue eyes like her, blonde hair and even has her very prominent chin! She loves it!

Chris's sexy boxers from Brandi. Haha. Dad said between the boxers and his eye, Chris was a very sexy man... I worry about my dad sometimes. Haha

Us trying to distract the kids from playing in the road and the fire while the others weer setting up for fireworks! My hubs and I, the Laiden, Jalyn and KyLeigh. 

Me and my Sparkler, trying to show the kids that they weren't harmful if they hold them the right way. Laiden was good until he put his arm down, almost set his pants on fire!

Ky and her sparkler. Jay wouldn't have nothing to do with one!

Brandi and her two kids, along with her sister Jalyn. Jay hated all the noise from the fireworks.

Brandi and the kids again.

Grrrr Face. Haha

First, we spent Christmas eve at my grandmas. Talk about a blast. Can't ya tell from the photos? Christmas morning we got up, come and had breakfast with my father in law. I love him! It was the best Christmas at his place! (Especially since I don't get along too well with his girlfriend. She is visiting family out of state)

Then we went and had lunch with my grandma and family again. Came back to his dads, had more dinner. Ended the evening at my moms opening her presents.

The best Christmas ever. I am happy with my family and friends.

xoxo Aimee

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