Friday, December 14, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree! Part 2: Operation Home

Christmas is quite literally around the corner, and I am freaking out! Firstly, I need more banana's. Yes, Banana's. My hubs quite confused me the other day.

I am baking my famous banana bread for Christmas, and the other day I did my prep work for the next day. I had my flour in batches, my sugar ready to roll, eggs counted. Then I bagged up and mashed my bananas and tucked them in the fridge. I wake up the next morning and they are brown. They smelled okay, and I was going to use them. My hubs convinced me they were bad and to toss them. I found out the day after from my grandma that they were, in fact, okay! I was so upset! All those bananas I tossed. Grrr. Oh well.

Today, I am trying to stay up ALL day, so I can attempt to sleep tonight. Lately, my schedule has been crazy. I would sleep while the hubs is working, get up when he gets home, bake for a few hours then clean up the kitchen. Get on the computer to work for a bit, which turned into ALL night. I would be up at 6:30 when my mom would open the restaurant she works at, so I would get dressed and go visit her til 9 or so when she got busy. I'd come home, do some more work, clean a bit, hang out with the hubs, then when he goes to work, sleep again. Repeat cycle. Going on 3 weeks now, and it has to change. It's driving my hubby insane apparently. Today, I will stay up.

My sister came over to help me re-arrange the living room. I love it. All I need for it to be complete is a nice, fluffy rug and a wall mount for our flat screen. I will be happy. She also helped move my Christmas tree and added the candy canes for me.

My kitchen still needs a little work as far as organization, but I am getting MUCH happier with the work I have been putting in. I finally got my desk to the apartment and its now set up. I have the bookcase beside it, and it's hooked up to the printer. YAY ME! Happy dance time. Now to get my bathroom set I want, and the curtains I want for the house and I think I will be set for a while.

Since I mentioned my tree above, here is a picture I took of it. It's like a Charlie Brown tree. Half the branches won't co-operate, half the lights do not work, and I only have a handful of ornaments. However, I do have a tree.

and there it is. Cute, simple and up. 
xoxo Aimee

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