Sunday, December 2, 2012


A friend of mine told me since I liked WTFcat so much, that InstaGC would be just as rewarding. And it has. I just joined an HOUR ago and already cashed out my FIRST giftcode. This is exciting. I might be able to get my hubby's Christmas gift soon!

It's the same concept as WTFcat.  You complete offers, do surveys to get points. They also have the same point system, 100 points to cash out!

The screen shot of my first giftcode, and don't try to use it, as it's already redeemed! So to get free gift cards join me at InstaGC here: Aimee's InstaGC Friends!

I love the codes myself! Let me know if you join! I would love to hear your stories of rewards and what you get with them!

xoxo, Aimee!

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  1. Instagc spoiler codes google “instagc spoiler” for a good page to find point booster codes also I would love to have you as a mod and I will post your referral link on my page also

    I would love to chat on my website on the chatbox and exchange story's and if you want make you a mod !