Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Barefoot Barista

One of the best things about the living in the south: Coffee. Not just coffee, but coffee and tea. The Barefoot Barista combines them both, along with other amazing qualities. They do specialty foods, such as gluten free, low fat and as organic as they can get. They have their own garden full of herbs they grow, and a hydro-ponics system right on the front porch.

I love this place. The best coffee, smoothies and assortment of foods. Today they are having a huge Christmas/Anniversary Shindig. They feature local artists as well as musicians. This is a great place to be. They support the local community by buying from our farmers markets, grocery stores and supporting our community. Another reason to love this place.

Ephraim was really amazing. He did a cover and some originals.

Eston (pronounced S-Ton) was amazing. He did a few covers, but mostly original stuff. I love his style. Really relaxing, easy going stuff.

All these photos are originals stills by me. Still learning my camera, and trying different things. I hope you guys like them.
Listen to some of Eston's stuff here:

Eston, Ephraim, and Blair, the owner of the Barefoot Barista.

I love her. She is like Taylor Swift (way cooler) mixed with Amy Lee. Sounds odd, but she is amazing. Has amazing style, voice and lyrics.

Her and her brother.

The comfy couch. Best thing to relax on while reading and drinking your favorite coffee drink.

Green Tea Room

Earl Grey tea room.

Tasty, Yummy sna

They are fun, bouncing and have awesome lyrics!
Listen to their stuff here:
Making new friends!

In Front of the Christmas Tree!

What was going on here?
We all have a present or toy! 

Learning Sign Language!
"My name is Coyt Duke, and I've had way too much coffee."

Pretty amazing muscian.


I have been coming here about 6 or so months. I found it by accident, or chance. The owners are super friendly, and I love them. I have been taking these photos throughout the shindig. I hope you enjoy them. I have made some pretty awesome new friends this evening.

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