Thursday, June 27, 2013

Project 10: Hair

Recently I have been crazy busy. I have my own website now, my business is up and running and I just scored an internship with an amazing photographer for 3 months this fall! How awesome is that?

Since I have met said photographer, the lovely Stephanie with Sassy Southern Photography, I have joined 3 groups on facebook: Love for Photography, Snap-happy and Project 10.

Love for photography pretty much is just a general Q&A site for people who love what they do. Snap-happy is similar. However, Project 10 is a challenge. It's amazing. What they do is assign a theme or challenge for each month, and you have 1 month to get together 10 photographs of how you interpret that challenge. This month is all about hair. Here are my photos on how I interpreted

hair. Enjoy them :)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Adventures are fun, right? New, exciting things? Yes? Okay!

I have started back into the world of employment at a chain gourmet organic foods store. It's nice. Not really the department I want, but I will stick it out, hoping for a transfer! Also, I have been thinking more and more about what I want for the future... and I really want to stick to my photography.

Therefore, I have exciting news... I am getting a studio! EEK! I know! Super exciting. First I will get the studio, set it up, and work on my shots, angles, etc. While doing so, I will work with my photo-editing software until I have it down, and while doing all of that, I am saving for an amazing camera! I so can't wait.

Therefore, if I go long periods of silences, it's because I am super busy and doing amazing things. For now, I am searching for practice models, and as I find them, I will post previews.

xox Aimee

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Long time no post!

So I have been away for a while, right? Right. Well, I haven't been kidnapped, abducted by aliens or killed off yet. I am here. I have been really busy on InstaGC.

Because of them, I have been getting TONS of gift cards. I have since ordered a cover for my tab, which has a keyboard, however my tab has a micro USB, instead of a regular USB, so I also ordered an adapter. Then I ordered some zippers, some mustache jewelry, a new battery for a cell phone. TONS of things, and I'm not even technically paying for them. I get them FREE by doing surveys and offers via InstaGC.

Feel free to join me, along with a million other users, to get FREE INSTANT giftcards to several different stores. I love amazon, so I keep up with those!

Join me here.

<a href="">earn gift cards</a>

Do it... Do it NOW! :)

xoxo Aimee

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Project Video USA

Today, I was talking to long time friend on facebook. She's been going through a rough time lately, and I have been missing our chats. While talking, she mentioned making a video of her apartment to show someone who lives in another country. I thought that sounded swell.

I then asked her about her taping the area she lived in, and then I could do the same. Then, I got another idea. Why don't we ask our friends from each state to help us make a video compilation across the country. We would need 1 person from every state, but hopefully 2 or 3 people to catch different areas.

It would be a great way to show off the amazing places we live, with the attractions, the nature, the beauty. Not to mention a great way to take a "vacation" from our area, without ever leaving our homes. A cost effective way to travel, so to speak.

I will be posting more on this as I go, and also on the facebook fanpage, so make sure you keep watching that! And following on twitter! 

If you want to help by adding your state, send me an email to Thanks for any help you may give!

xoxo Aimee

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Looonnnngggg Time.

I have been so absent! I am so very sorry about being gone so long.

The internet at our house hasn't been working. Then we had our Grandma and one nephew come down from NC. The night before they got here, the tire on the car blew out, then over the next couple of days, our brakes have been going. Adding brake fluid, draining the brake pipes... Ugh. Nothing has been going well.

Just wanted to give an update.

The blog is on facebook as a fan page, under "Beautiful Imagination" found here:

And I have started a new business adventure to add to my crafty gifts and jewelry:

I am alive, well, happy. We have re-named Chubby to Blimpie, cause she has gotten so big. Also, I am getting me a tab tomorrow! I sold my kindle to get it, so next time I get on, it will be from there!

xoxo, Aimee

PS: Visit me on facebook! I also post freebies I find, update it more easily, and you can find all kinds of new friends there!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Company that cares: King's Hawaiian

I am an amateur couponer. Sometimes I find really good deals, and sometimes I don't. It happens. I work on trying to find the best deals, because we live on a very strict budget. One of the things I learned while researching up on my coupon skills is this: Sometimes, if you email or write companies telling them how much you love their products, they will send you high value coupons. One of those companies is King's Hawaiian.

Our family has been buying their rolls for years. I love the sweet, soft, delicious rolls. I like to cook some maple bacon, open a roll and top with american cheese, in the microwave for about 20-30 seconds.... Oh, it's so yummah! It's like yummy, but way better.

I recently searched for coupons online, but couldn't find any. At my local grocery store, it's $3.99 for 12 rolls, or a round loaf. At Walmart, it's $2.00. Still, a little pricey but it's worth it. When I couldn't find any coupons, I emailed them from the company website letting them know how much I loved their products. That's it. A few days later, I received a letter in the mail from them.

It contained a handwritten note thanking me for my wonderful comments, a coupon for any item, a mini recipe book filled with more yummies, and an individual recipe card. So awesome. However, they have topped that since then.

Yesterday I received a notice in the mail that I had a package that was too big for our mailbox, but had no apartment number listed, so it was at the USPS office. No biggie, but I wasn't expecting anything. Today, I went to get my package. King's Hawaiian sent me a round loaf of sweet bread, another coupon for any one item, and a note, thanking me for my business and congratulating me on winning the bread. I didn't even enter anything! How awesome.

This company is amazing on customer service alone. The fact that the food is amazing is even better! I will definitely recommend them to any and everyone!

xoxo aimee

Thursday, January 31, 2013

More Mini Hats!

I got my glue gun today! Took me all of 30 minutes to do 4 hats, and decorate 1. Took me a little longer to decorate the others, cine I was trying to be creative. Here they are. Can be made in any color, with any adornments! So proud of myself!

My lovely niece JaLyn, modeling her hat BEFORE she wanted more stuff.

Up close of Jay's.

My re-did hat.

it's a clip!

JaLyn's FINAL hat. Anymore and it might fall off her head!

Just playing around!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mini Tutorial on Mini Top Hats

This has been one of the most frustrating projects I have worked on in a while. Now, I got my mini top-hat template from over at FleeceFun. The one I used for my mini-top hats (for my Mardi Gras town party I previously mentioned) is the Mini Top Hat Ornament. It's tiny, adorable and I am less worried about it falling off than any of the other ones.

Here is a semi brief picture tutorial on how I did it. I am making several top hats, so this is a compilation of what I have done in different stages as of right now.

What you will need:
*E6000 or a glue gun
*Felt of any color that floats your fancy
*Your template from FleeceFun
*Some old cardboard, but not too thick. I used the box from my soda cans. (I like to upcycle when I can. It saves some money. This way I didn't have to go out an buy cardstock!
*Elmers Glue
*Wax Paper
*Heavy books or something heavy to hold it in place while it dries
*Clips, comb, band, whatever you want to attach it to your head!
*Adornments for your hat!

*I know on FleeceFun, she has a tutorial on how to make it no-sew, but I didn't have everything and I made mine a little different. Forgive me, if its not 100% the same, but I used what I had to work with.

1. Go to FleeceFun, get your pattern printed up. Cut it out on the appropriate lines, and use the elmers glue to lightly glue it to the cardboard.

2. Then cut out the pattern. Once you have that done, trace it on the felt., then cut out the felt.  Don't forget to cut out 2 felt BIG circles.

3. Once that is done, cut the cardboard down to the dotted lines.

4. Break out the elmers and lightly glue the cardboard template to the felt, directly in the middle. (Only one BIG circle for now!) Now is where it gets tricky. (If you have the glue gun, do the same thing, but you don't have to wait for an hour 2 or in between, and don't the the wax paper route! ;) Just keep on going!)

5. Take the E6000 and lightly, VERY lightly (it's really strong and sticky), run it between the spare felt ends and the template. Press down and hold down for a minute or two. Then take a piece of wax paper, and slide the piece in between it, and set it under a book or something heavy. Make sure the wax paper is covering both sides, we don't want to glue it to the table or object! ;)

6. Let it dry for an hour or 2.

7. Take the long piece, and have the ends touch, making a cone. Use the E6000 to glue them together, and use a paper clip, clothes hanger or in extreme (ME ME ME!!) cases, 2 permanent markers to hold the pieces together while it dries for another hour or 2.

8. Once dry, take the E6000 and glue around the larger end, and add the SMALLER circle. Balance a book on top of that, so it will dry nice and firmly.

9. While waiting for that, use the 2nd big circle of felt, and use the E6000 and glue on top, so they pattern isn't showing. What I did was after I glued it on, I didn't tuck the spare fabric around my hat, I simply cut it off, and pressed it.

10. Once the top is dried, repeat with the bottom, only making sure it's centered. Balance the book, so its a nice, firm dry, then wait.

11. Once completely dry, go ahead and add your band, clip, comb and let it dry. Try to press it again, if you can. The firmer, the better.

12. Now, go crazy! Decorate! I have my model one finished, this is the end result! It's kind of sloppy, but it was my first try. I hope you enjoy it!

Mardi Gras!

That time of year is getting closer, Mardi Gras! Now, most of you might think of naked women, or even half naked women, but that is not what I love. I love the colors, food, partying! Our town, for the first time since I can ever remember, is having a Mardi Gras Parade and Party. I am so excited to go. My aunt and I started talking about it last night, and I have decided to make some of the things I will need.

Mini Top hats are at the top (it's "pun"ny, get it ;) haha) of my list. Going to use feathers and glitter galore! Then a mask, which I am debating on making or buying... Hmmm. And glittery shoes, like from the Wizard of Oz, but VERY colorful glitter, not just red.

I will post a tutorial on the hats for sure, and if my family wants some, on the shoes as well. Right now, I am kind of playing around with mine. I want to learn the do's and don'ts before I try to tell you how too!

Therefore, I am excited. I will keep ya updated on my progress and projects, til then, I'm off!

xoxo Aimee

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pet Peeve

One thing about modern day technology that I don't like: Modern day stupid people. I went to what everyone calls one of the poorest schools in our state. I swear that town breeds stupid people. I can tell you from first hand experience, I worked hard at school to get a low GPA. However, that's not what this is about.

Every year, on social networking sites, I see more and more people start to use incorrect grammar and spelling. Now, shorthand is one thing. I can read an LOL or SMH without too much complaining. I use them too. However, when you type you like you are a drunk guy on his 10th beer, falling down while standing... there's a problem. I can not STAND to see people type like this:

"on sale!!!!!!! VERY NICE HTC XV6800!!!!!! VERY NICE CONDITION EVERYTHING WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i never used it Cuz i have something else! this was a bacc up phone that i was gonna use but i couldnt use on the plan i have!!""

That is a direct COPY AND PASTE from someone in my town trying to sell a phone. Bacc?? NO!!! Or how about this: 


I'm like "what?" Please dear sir, type in english. This is a direct screen shot off of my facebook. (I use google chrome as my web browser, and I have this app on it called stylish, it allows you to change the background on your facebook. I love it! That's why my screenshot looks like this)

That is a real post from a family member. I seriously can't stand seeing people type like that. Seriously, shorthand is one thing, but this, this is outrageous. Fix it now, America. Don't let your children type like this for anything! 

You may think it's ok for social networking sites, but myself, along with several friends and associates, have come to realize that professionally, you should not be doing this. Several times in various emails, I want to use shorthand, but that is very unprofessional. I have had friends tell me that they have had to re-write entire emails before because they started typing like they were on facebook or twitter. It's not a good habit to start, so don't!

End Rant.

xoxo Aimee

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Books: Harry Potter

This is more than just a book series, Harry Potter is a "fandom" (a fan kingdom, very popular among amazing book series) that is across the world. When J.K. Rowling was writing about a skinny wizard with an extraordinary past, living in a slave type environment, I don't think she every dreamed it would get this huge. 

There are 7 books in the series. The follow Harry Potter, a young boy raised by his muggle (non-magic) Aunt and Uncle. He is about the same age as his spoiled rotten cousin Dudley, who is also a bully. When his Aunt and Uncle "decided" to take Harry in, they said they would never let him know about his past, his parents or anything in the wizarding world. His parents were killed by the most evil of wizards, but he believes they died in a car crash. His Aunt and Uncle hate anything to do with wizards and magic. They forbid any use of the word magic, and try to hide any signs of it. Anytime Harry used magic by accident, he was punished (though he didn't know why) and it was played off. Not the nicest of people, his family was. 
Of course, the magic world couldn't be hidden from him forever. Every witch or wizard, after their 11th birthday, would receive a letter to be admitted to a wizarding school. Harry was no different. His uncle kept trying to hide the letters, and after much trouble, Harry was located and told the truth. He did, indeed, go to the school, where he met his 2 best friends. 

Over the series, things get sticky, rocky and sometimes just confusing. The adventures, creatures, classes, it's all amazing. J.K. Rowling did an amazing job, and so many people all over the world have fallen in love with this. From being 7 wonderful, amazing books, came 8 movies, and a variety of other things. Tattoos, websites, friendships all over. People are in love. 

Now, before you think this is all a bunch of hocus pocus, and mixing bat brains, it's not. This series teaches you (and your children) great values. Standing up for your beliefs, friends and family. True honor and friendship, bravery. That you may have it bad, but someone has it worse. The value of life, and people. It's entertaining and educational, in all the things that count. 

One of the best websites out there is Made by Jo Rowling for us fans. It helps us reach inside her head, and see things how she saw them, wrote them. It goes book by book, chapter by chapter. You can collect items from each  book, and you can even play games, like potions class. I personally suck at this potions class, but its fun to play!

There is also Made by fans, you can find almost anything, everything potter related. There are links for recipes, games, costumes. It's one of a kind. is still in beta, I belive. I am in membership, but so far they have changed the site like 3 times, that I have noticed. I personally loved the original way they had it, design and all. I met someone in my "dorm" that I am still great friends with! I love this girl, and one day hope to meet her. We have so much more in common than just Harry Potter, true nerdy friends. 

 Then you have the games. All sorts of games, scene it (I own it!), card games (I own UNO HP style!) and video games galore! When the Game Cube was huge, it had all kinds of games. I own them all, even though I don't play them due to lack of proper chords. When we first got our PS3, before we had to sell it... Hard times suck! I had the Lego HP game. I loved it, and now that we have another PS3, I am hoping to acquire this game!

 This fandom is all about making friends, sharing the thoughts and beliefs. I hope my children (if I ever have any) will have similar traits. To stand up for yourself, your friends. To be smart, friendly, and nice. To always follow their heart, even if they are a little odd, like Ms. Luna Lovegood, one of my favorite characters. This series is just amazing.

Harry Potter inspired tattoos are now all the rage. I hope to get one or 2 myself, though I am having such a hard time trying to decided the 1 or 2 I like the best!

The fandom has even inspired a theme park! I one day hope to go. It's said to be amazing, and I want to be there. To ride the rides, taste the food, see EVERYTHING! I am a potterhead, through and through. I have JK Rowling to thank for my childhood. It was amazing because of her.

xoxo, Aimee