Saturday, January 12, 2013


Hi There lovely readers!

Today I am going to talk about books. Books are important, I think, to a child's life. Well, anyone's life. Books can teach you plenty of things. Some are about real life, and some are made up. There are funny stories, great stories, sad stories. Some teach your great values, and some don't teach anything.

I think the next few weeks while I am waiting on hearing back from jobs, I will talk about books and the importance they place in my life, and why they should be in yours. This will be to take over my crafting and baking, since our budget is -really- tight right now.

Right now, I am really into series books. I mean, I have always loved a great series, but I also loved just reading. Right now, however, there are PLENTY of series books out there, and they are still bringing out new books.

This past week, I have been re-reading the Mortal Instruments/Infernal Devices Series by Cassandra Clare. There are currently 5 books in the Mortal Instruments, and 2 in the Infernal Devices. The I.D. will be getting a third book in March, and I can't wait.

These books are amazing. They take some fact from the bible, and she makes this whole fantasy world. The best I can describe it is: The Mark of Cain. In this series, there are these humans called Shadowhunters. They are humans with angel blood mixed in with theirs, given to the first Shadowhunter from the Angel Raziel. They hunt demons and how they protect themselves are called Marks. The first one ever mentioned in the bible was the Mark of Cain. However, since then, they have the book of Gray, which has runes (or marks) for almost everything: swiftness, silence, healing. There are some that are really powerful, and can hurt your if used wrongly. You can NEVER use runes on a regular human or they will go insane and become Forsaken. I won't go into much more detail, or you won't read the books!

The M.I. follows around 15 year old Clary (Clarissa) as she lives what she thought was a normal life. She loved to draw, had an awesome best friend Simon, and loved going to an all ages club on young adult nights. It was in that club that she met Jace, Isabelle and Alec, 3 Shadowhunter teenagers. From here, her mom gets kidnapped, and she is left all alone with these people she knows nothing of. She learns more about what Shadowhunters are, what they do and all about the Shadow world.

The I.D. are a prequel to the M.I. series. They follow young Tessa as she leaves New York to go to London to live with her brother after their aunt died. Once in London, she is taken to a house of some associates of her brothers and there is forced to do awful, painful things by these ladies. One night, while checking out this house, 2 young Shadowhunters find her, and take her with them to protect her.

Seriously amazing books. One of my most favorite series's out there.

You can download the books for free from here. This is just the Mortal Instruments Series. They are in EPUB form, which I believe is the best one out there, especially if you have a Kindle. I love mine so much, it really is amazing.

If you don't like EPUB or can't use it for some reason, go over and download Calibre. It's very easy to use, and completely free. You can download calibre here.

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