Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Essays and Memories

The past week or so, I have been checking out all my options for the future. Debating on going back to school, when (if) I do, what to take... All that fun jazz.

There is a program in my state that would help me go to school and all. It for the medical field, and since I suck at being around sick people or people being sick, I decided on either Admin. Assistant or Medical Billing and Coding. Still trying to decide though.

As part of the program, I had to fill out an application and I have to get some recommendations and some other things. I also had to write a 500 word essay on one of 3 topics, one being a person who influenced me. I wrote about my granddaddy. I did have a little help with the editing, to make sure it was grammatically correct, but I think I did okay.

Here it is, my wonderful essay about an amazing man.

The person who has had the most significant influence on my life has been my grandfather, Wilton “Bud” Zurcher. My grandfather was a strong but silent man. He loved his grandchildren. The best part about him was that he always encouraged us to study hard, and to read any book we could get our hands on. Reading is an integral part of my life, and mostly because of him.

When I was in school, he always gave me little gifts when I'd do well. It gave me a competitive edge and I wanted to please him more than anything. I'd always loved school and had excelled in my classes, though once I got to high school, everything became harder. Trying to have a well-balanced life became more difficult, and during my freshman year, my grandfather was diagnosed with liver cancer. I watched him go through chemotherapy. He remained strong, and positive throughout the ordeal and instead of losing his hair and becoming thin, the opposite seemed to happen. It must have been a miracle and I was incredibly thankful. Our celebration was short lived. Less than a year later, it came back, stronger than before and it had spread to his lungs. It immediately became clear that it was worse. He was losing weight and going bald, and all the effects that the doctors had talked about came true.

During this time my grades began to slip. I was so worried about his health that I could barely concentrate. He was the only grandfather I knew. I loved him, and I hated to see him suffer. I helped in every way that I could. I acted as his chauffeur, taking him to appointments and to the store. I spent as much time with him as I could. It broke my heart to watch this strong independent man asking for and needing help. Throughout it all he never complained.

Once he realized that my grades were slipping, he was adamant that I spend more time studying. I did as he wished and I worked hard enough to pass my classes and to graduate. I know that he was proud of me when he saw me walk across the stage and receive my diploma. It was the last graduation ceremony he attended. A month later, he passed away.

I was lucky in that I got to tell him how much I loved him, and how much he meant to me before he was gone. I want to honor his memory, go back to school and do something worthwhile. Being able to be a part of the health care industry would allow me to not only honor his memory, but do something meaningful that will have a real impact on people's lives. I want to be able to encourage my children, and my grandchildren to work hard and follow their dreams, the same way that he did for me. I will be forever grateful, always, that he cared as much as he did.


xoxoxo Aimee

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