Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mardi Gras!

That time of year is getting closer, Mardi Gras! Now, most of you might think of naked women, or even half naked women, but that is not what I love. I love the colors, food, partying! Our town, for the first time since I can ever remember, is having a Mardi Gras Parade and Party. I am so excited to go. My aunt and I started talking about it last night, and I have decided to make some of the things I will need.

Mini Top hats are at the top (it's "pun"ny, get it ;) haha) of my list. Going to use feathers and glitter galore! Then a mask, which I am debating on making or buying... Hmmm. And glittery shoes, like from the Wizard of Oz, but VERY colorful glitter, not just red.

I will post a tutorial on the hats for sure, and if my family wants some, on the shoes as well. Right now, I am kind of playing around with mine. I want to learn the do's and don'ts before I try to tell you how too!

Therefore, I am excited. I will keep ya updated on my progress and projects, til then, I'm off!

xoxo Aimee

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