Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mini Tutorial on Mini Top Hats

This has been one of the most frustrating projects I have worked on in a while. Now, I got my mini top-hat template from over at FleeceFun. The one I used for my mini-top hats (for my Mardi Gras town party I previously mentioned) is the Mini Top Hat Ornament. It's tiny, adorable and I am less worried about it falling off than any of the other ones.

Here is a semi brief picture tutorial on how I did it. I am making several top hats, so this is a compilation of what I have done in different stages as of right now.

What you will need:
*E6000 or a glue gun
*Felt of any color that floats your fancy
*Your template from FleeceFun
*Some old cardboard, but not too thick. I used the box from my soda cans. (I like to upcycle when I can. It saves some money. This way I didn't have to go out an buy cardstock!
*Elmers Glue
*Wax Paper
*Heavy books or something heavy to hold it in place while it dries
*Clips, comb, band, whatever you want to attach it to your head!
*Adornments for your hat!

*I know on FleeceFun, she has a tutorial on how to make it no-sew, but I didn't have everything and I made mine a little different. Forgive me, if its not 100% the same, but I used what I had to work with.

1. Go to FleeceFun, get your pattern printed up. Cut it out on the appropriate lines, and use the elmers glue to lightly glue it to the cardboard.

2. Then cut out the pattern. Once you have that done, trace it on the felt., then cut out the felt.  Don't forget to cut out 2 felt BIG circles.

3. Once that is done, cut the cardboard down to the dotted lines.

4. Break out the elmers and lightly glue the cardboard template to the felt, directly in the middle. (Only one BIG circle for now!) Now is where it gets tricky. (If you have the glue gun, do the same thing, but you don't have to wait for an hour 2 or in between, and don't the the wax paper route! ;) Just keep on going!)

5. Take the E6000 and lightly, VERY lightly (it's really strong and sticky), run it between the spare felt ends and the template. Press down and hold down for a minute or two. Then take a piece of wax paper, and slide the piece in between it, and set it under a book or something heavy. Make sure the wax paper is covering both sides, we don't want to glue it to the table or object! ;)

6. Let it dry for an hour or 2.

7. Take the long piece, and have the ends touch, making a cone. Use the E6000 to glue them together, and use a paper clip, clothes hanger or in extreme (ME ME ME!!) cases, 2 permanent markers to hold the pieces together while it dries for another hour or 2.

8. Once dry, take the E6000 and glue around the larger end, and add the SMALLER circle. Balance a book on top of that, so it will dry nice and firmly.

9. While waiting for that, use the 2nd big circle of felt, and use the E6000 and glue on top, so they pattern isn't showing. What I did was after I glued it on, I didn't tuck the spare fabric around my hat, I simply cut it off, and pressed it.

10. Once the top is dried, repeat with the bottom, only making sure it's centered. Balance the book, so its a nice, firm dry, then wait.

11. Once completely dry, go ahead and add your band, clip, comb and let it dry. Try to press it again, if you can. The firmer, the better.

12. Now, go crazy! Decorate! I have my model one finished, this is the end result! It's kind of sloppy, but it was my first try. I hope you enjoy it!

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