Monday, January 7, 2013

New year, same crap?

Let's face it. Every new year, everyone want changes. They want to start new. Diets, exercise... The people who sell products in these fields make a KILLING on their products the first few months of the new year. They charge outrageous prices for these videos, pills, diet plans, exercise equipment and half the time, it doesn't get used.

2 years ago, right after the Mr. and I got married, he wanted the P90X. He went crazy! Bought the DVD's, got some weights and was thinking of doing some diet pill thing. The DVD came in and he was very excited. Together we watched the intro DVD. That's it. That's all that was watched. He spent $150 on the DVDs with shipping, and then the weights (no idea how much those where) and he never used it. Never tried. The movies sat in our living room until I sold them.

Maybe its just us, but we have a habit of getting excited about New Year and new changes, and nothing ever does. We spend money we could use elsewhere on stuff that we will never use. We still fuss and fight about when I suggest we sell whatever it was.

Last year, the Mr.'s big purchase was an Ipod touch. He wanted it so badly, spent god knows how much in the app store, and then used it a couple of times. I used it more than he did. Then he sold it right before the new one came out. Now, he fusses about how he never gets to keep the things he buys...because he never uses them.

So far, the one good thing about our new year is that we are talking more to my family. I have gotten to see my aunt Cheryl and my niece JaLyn a lot since Christmas.

New Years suck. I am ready for the middle.

xoxo Aimee

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