Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pet Peeve

One thing about modern day technology that I don't like: Modern day stupid people. I went to what everyone calls one of the poorest schools in our state. I swear that town breeds stupid people. I can tell you from first hand experience, I worked hard at school to get a low GPA. However, that's not what this is about.

Every year, on social networking sites, I see more and more people start to use incorrect grammar and spelling. Now, shorthand is one thing. I can read an LOL or SMH without too much complaining. I use them too. However, when you type you like you are a drunk guy on his 10th beer, falling down while standing... there's a problem. I can not STAND to see people type like this:

"on sale!!!!!!! VERY NICE HTC XV6800!!!!!! VERY NICE CONDITION EVERYTHING WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i never used it Cuz i have something else! this was a bacc up phone that i was gonna use but i couldnt use on the plan i have!!""

That is a direct COPY AND PASTE from someone in my town trying to sell a phone. Bacc?? NO!!! Or how about this: 


I'm like "what?" Please dear sir, type in english. This is a direct screen shot off of my facebook. (I use google chrome as my web browser, and I have this app on it called stylish, it allows you to change the background on your facebook. I love it! That's why my screenshot looks like this)

That is a real post from a family member. I seriously can't stand seeing people type like that. Seriously, shorthand is one thing, but this, this is outrageous. Fix it now, America. Don't let your children type like this for anything! 

You may think it's ok for social networking sites, but myself, along with several friends and associates, have come to realize that professionally, you should not be doing this. Several times in various emails, I want to use shorthand, but that is very unprofessional. I have had friends tell me that they have had to re-write entire emails before because they started typing like they were on facebook or twitter. It's not a good habit to start, so don't!

End Rant.

xoxo Aimee

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