Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Looonnnngggg Time.

I have been so absent! I am so very sorry about being gone so long.

The internet at our house hasn't been working. Then we had our Grandma and one nephew come down from NC. The night before they got here, the tire on the car blew out, then over the next couple of days, our brakes have been going. Adding brake fluid, draining the brake pipes... Ugh. Nothing has been going well.

Just wanted to give an update.

The blog is on facebook as a fan page, under "Beautiful Imagination" found here:

And I have started a new business adventure to add to my crafty gifts and jewelry:

I am alive, well, happy. We have re-named Chubby to Blimpie, cause she has gotten so big. Also, I am getting me a tab tomorrow! I sold my kindle to get it, so next time I get on, it will be from there!

xoxo, Aimee

PS: Visit me on facebook! I also post freebies I find, update it more easily, and you can find all kinds of new friends there!

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